EZI-TAB (Metformin HCl Sustained Release Granules)

The ready to compress Metformin HCl SR granules saves upto 80 percent of production time

Benefits of EZI-TAB

  • Production Time Saving

Granulation accounts for 80% of time during production process, ready to compress granules emits the total time of individual dispensing, blending and granulation of raw materials and excipients.

  • Reduced Testing Time and Cost

Only ready to compress granules are to be tested instead of number of individual excipients which leads to time and cost saving

  • Desired and Consistent Results

Consistent batch to batch sustained release profile.

  • Reduced tablet weight

Average tablet weight can be reduced upto 620 mg

  • Simplifies Supply Chain management

To be deal with a single vendor instead of number of vendors.