Emicoat ( A Complete Film Coating System)

Emicoat product range provides complete functional and non-functional coatings for Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutraceutical and Confectionery industry engaged in the manufacturing of solid oral dosage forms. Tablets remain one of the most widespread pharmaceutical oral form and Film coating is the final step in the manufacturing process of drugs. Ready-to-use Film coating system comprises of various shades and colours. We offers a wide range of functional and non-functional film-coating excipients tailored as per customers need.

The Need of film-coating: Film coating is the final and key step in tablet formation and it plays different roles such as

      • Protecting the tablet form moisture.
      • Adding colour to enhance the appearance to improving patient compliance.
      • Masking the taste and odor of the core tablet.
      • Adding flavour, fragrance to the product.
      • To modify the release of the drug.

Our Film Coating system product portfolio consists of :

      • Aqueous/ Non-Aqueous Film Coating
      • Moisture Barrier Film Coatings
      • Quick/ Fast Aqueous Film Coating
      • Pearl/Metallic Film Coating
      • Sugar Film Coatings
      • Transparent Film Coating
      • Seal coat / Precoat
      • Enteric Coating (Methyl Acrylic Copolymer/CAP/ HPMC Phthalate)
      • Quick Disintegrated Aqueous/Non-Aqueous Film Coating.